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For Students

Instructions to apply for an academic discount

  1. Fill out the form on the right. Please make sure to use your school's email address and put the school in the "Organization" field.
  2. You will be placed into a temporary trial account while our team verifies your academic status.
  3. Enjoy it! We will send you an email with your application status in the next few days after signing up.

For Educators

Register your class

We want to make sure your class is successful!

Please register your class with us and we will send you educational materials and help your students register for their student accounts.

How long does the academic license last?

The academic license will need to be renewed every 6 months. Your account will revert back to the trial, upon which you’ll be given the option to renew it.

Will I ever be charged?

Nope. So long as you maintain student/teacher status at a school or academic institution, you will never be charged for using Codiqa.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your academic plan any time by suspending your account in the billing tab of your account dashboard.

How many people can I invite to my account?

The academic license does not come with collaborative features, except for case-by-case scenerios. Send us an email if you're in a situation that applies.

Can I have more than one project?

The academic license comes with one project to work on. You would need to upgrade to a premium plan for more projects.

Do you have discounts for non-profits?

Yes we do! If you are a Non Profit Organization, please contact us at discount@codiqa.com