Features that will save you time, money, and sanity

The Dashboard

A place to house all your projects, assets, themes, and add-ons

100% Cloud-based

Access, build, edit, and share from anywhere at any time. Automatic saving and storing protects your work

Google Maps

Integrate and fully customize Google Maps in your project through the Google Maps API

Version History

Access past versions of your projects. Codiqa saves old versions as you save, which makes it easy to revert if necessary


Use YouTube and Vimeo components to easily add video to your apps

Built for teams

Invite your team members to access, edit, and share the same projects through the dashboard

Mobile redirection

With everyone's favorite mobile redirection robot, Redirectron, easily add mobile redirection to your desktop sites

PhoneGap Export

For Native Apps, export source projects for Android and iOS using PhoneGap

Mobile Components

Build with an ever growing list of mobile components optimized for mobile and tablet devices

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