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This page will contain general information about the conference, the information found in the prefatory material of the printed handbook  [PDF link].

General Chair Welcome

Welcome from the Program Committee Co-Chairs

Welcome to NAACL HLT 2012! This year’s conference brings to Montréal an exciting array of work ranging across the human language technology dis- ciplines. The main conference features both oral and poster sessions for full and short papers; the main conference is preceded by eight tutorials and fol- lowed by sixteen separate workshops as well as the First Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics (*SEM). 

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Program Chair Welcome

Best Papers

Organizing Committee






Sunday, June 9




Monday, June 10

Registration is open all day in the Foyer.

Below each item should be information about the item, including location. Talks should have links to the PDFs and pop-ups to view abstracts.

We would also like the following three features for each talk:

1.  Each item here should have a means to star it (maybe with ★ icon). Starred items are items the user has marked to place on her schedule, and can then be accessed beneath the top-level "Schedule" menu. The schedule function should allow conflicts, but it should alert the user through some combination of color or other marking.

2. Items should have a 👍 icon, allowing the user to "like" it. Liked items should also be accessible from the main screen.

3. The first time a user likes an item, they should be asked whether they wish to anonymously report their like to the server, which could then accumulate likes for papers and talks.

4. Each talk should also have a text box enabling the user to take notes. These notes would then also be accessible from the main screen summary, which would present all the notes made on any paper.

7:30 – Breakfast

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9 – Welcome

9:15 – Invited Talk

10:30 – Coffee Break


11 – Parallel Sessions

What I'd like is for the sessions to be laid out horizontally and for them to be left/right swipable, to make it easy to compare them.

Machine Translation I

Fast Inference in Phrase Extraction Models with Belief Propagation  (D. Burkett & Dan Klein)

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Information Extraction

12:30 – Student lunch

1:15 – Student Research Workshop Panel: "Reviewing Practices"

2:30 – Parallel Sessions

4 – Coffee break

4:30 – One-minute madness

6 – Poster Session and Demos

Posters & Demos

Tuesday, Jun 11

This page will contain another day of the conference program.


Posters & Demos

This page should contain a long alphabetical list of posters and presentations, including author names. Typing something in the search field should search against both the paper/demo title and the author list.

A desired feature is that the user could â˜… a poster. This would provide her with a means of marking posters that she wanted to visit ahead of time. Starred posters would then be available a top-level "Personal Schedule" on the main page.

DeSoCoRe: Detecting Source Code Re-Use across Programming Languages

E. Flores, A.Barrón-Cedeño, P.Rosso,and L.Moreno 

A Graphical User Interface for Feature-Based Opinion Mining

P.P. Balage Filho, C.Brun, and G.Rondeau 



This page should contain an alphabetical list of all the authors along with links to each of the talks or papers they gave or coauthored. The search box should filter the list, ideally matching on any substring of any name (rather than just at the beginning of a name).



This page will contain a chronologically-sorted list of talks and schedule items the user has indicated she wishes to attend. Conflicts should be allowed, but she be visually-annotated so that they are instantly recognized. Each item should include a "Like" button and an option to remove it from the schedule (it would be good to use a dual icon for both, e.g., a highlighted thumb and highlighted star for "Liked" and "On my schedule", respectively).

It should also use the current time/day to open by default the right option on the drop down list, and to scroll to the current talk.

The schedule should be exportable via email.

If no items have been scheduled, it should display a short item explaining that the page will be populated as items are entered into the schedule.

Sunday, June 3

9 AM – 12 PM:  Tutorial: Arabic Dialect Processing

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2 PM – 5 PM:  Tutorial: Processing Modality and Negation

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Monday, June 4


Multiple Narrative Disentanglement: Unraveling Infinite Jest  (B. Wallace)

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Fast Inference in Phrase Extraction Models with Belief Propagation  (D. Burkett & Dan Klein)

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This page will contain a list of items that the user has liked. It should be possible to unlike the items from here. The purpose is to annotate talks or papers that the user would like to follow up with later on.

When the page is blank, it should display the following description:

"This page is automatically populated with items you have liked. You can 'like' an item by tapping the ðŸ‘ symbol next to any talk, poster, or demo."



This page will contain a list of notes that the user has made on papers. Each note should include a link to the paper's page, as well as the ability to edit the note. 

The notes should be exportable via email.

When the page is blank, it should display the following description:

"This page is automatically populated with items you have made notes on. You can annotate talks and papers from their pages inside the schedule."

Best Full Paper

Vine Pruning for Efficient MultiPass Dependency Parsing (Alexander Rush and Slav Petrov)

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